13 September 2009

East Timor President Shoots Down Justice

Thursday, 3 September 2009 East Timor President Shoots Down Justice TEMPO SEMANAL TV - East Timor President Shoots Down Justice The Timor Leste President Jose Ramos Horta reacted very strongly to the Amnesty International recommendation to establish an International Tribunal for East Timor human Rights violation in the Past. Dr. Ramos Horta in his address during 10th anniversary of Referendum said "No international Tribunal for East Timor."

This statement angered some of the people who has looking for justice for those suffered under the Indonesian forces. A day before the ceremony President Horta told a press conference in his office that, "Some academics seat in London, Canberra and New York wrote some reports."

Less the three hours after the Ceremony there was a demonstration held out site Timor Hotel calling for an International Tribunal including solidarity with other causes in the region. Three student were arrested by the Police and two Timorese photographer were beat up and these officer tryed to take and destroy the Reuters camera man's camera.

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