25 September 2009

Leading University in Timor-Leste denied accreditation by Government


IV Constitutional Government


Press Release

Licensing and Accreditation of Tertiary Education in Timor-Leste

24th September 2009

Having the purpose to stabilize and guarantee the quality of tertiary education in Timor-Leste, the Ministry of Education led off a process of licensing and accreditation that was conducted in 2008 and 2009 by the experts of an externally international assessment team.

The results of this assessment being done in 2008, to 14 institutions that applied to the process, it had attributed accreditation to seven institutions of high education, two were rejected, and 5 by way of trial:

Among 5 institutions on trial, two of them were accredited and three were rejected their accreditation during the assessment process occurred in August 2008, as follows:

Accredited University – Universidade de Paz (UNPAZ)

Accredited Academy – Instituo Profissional de Canossa (IPC)

Rejected Universities – Universidade de Dili (UNDIL) and Universidade Oriental (UNITAL)

Rejected Academy - Academia Computer Klik (AKAKOM)

The designating team for the international assessment consisted of members coming from various countries and majority of them belonged to the Net of Asia Pacific namely:

Dra. Marjorie Peace Lenn, President of Quality Guarantee Center in the International Education, USA (Team Leader)

Dr. António MacDowell de Figueiredo, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and former national secretary of the Brazilian High Education, Ministry of Education.

Dr. Adil Basuki Ahza, Executive Secretary of National Institution of Accreditation of High Education, Indonesia

Dr. Manuel Corpus, Executive Director of Accreditation Institution of Philippines Faculties and Universities

Dr. John Harre, Authority of Qualification of technology and Polytechnic Institute of New Zealand

Dr. Haji Hazman shah Vijayan Abdullah, Faculty of Administrative, Scientific and Politic Studies of Malaysian Technology University.

The Ministry of Education submitted the results of this assessment of August 2009 to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 23rd August, with the following deliberation:
1. Giving one year more to the institutions that are not accredited, such as UNDIL and UNITAL in order they could resolve the students’ situations and the future situation of the institutions themselves.
2. Not allowing these institutions to receive registration from new students.
3. The AKAKOM should coordinate with the State Secretariat for Professional Development and Employment and adjust the courses to the Professional Development within the criteria and parameters established by the State Secretariat for Professional Development and Employment.

The Council of Ministers expressed its appreciation for this job being done and reiterated its supports to all affected parts, in the sense of ensuring an environment of high education that could meet the national necessities.
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