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Kepolisian Indonesia menahan delapan dari kematian mahasiswa Timor Leste di Jogjakarta

Polisi Indonesia telah menangkap delapan orang yang dicurigai melakukan pembunuhan terhadap seorang pelajar Timor Leste, Joao Bosco di Pro...

16 September 2009

Timor Leste: Getting away with Murder

He’s suggesting instead that resources be invested in the country’s young judiciary.

This is not mere political rhetoric.

Immediately after he made this statement, Ramos Horta ordered the release of Indonesian militia commander Martenus Bere to the Indonesian embassy in East Timor.

Bere, who is expected to be released in Indonesia in the near future, was indicted for numerous crimes against humanity.

2SER's Alexandra Blucher spoke with Fernanda Borges, an MP and Chair of the East Timor Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Issues, Justice and Human Rights.

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