10 February 2010

East Timor's anti-graft chief rejects concerns over position

Australian Network East Timor's anti-graft chief rejects concerns over position Last Updated: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 14:53:00 +1100 - East Timor's new anti-corruption chief has rejected concerns that his position will have no real power to deal with corruption at a high level.

Aderito Soares says he's aiming for generational change as well as prosecutions in court to tackle the crippling problem of graft in East Timor.

Several Opposition politicians and non-government organisations have voiced concern the Commission will not be able to pursue high-ranking officials accused of corruption.

Mr Soares has told Radio Australia he understands the concerns and the expectations placed on the Anti-Corruption Commission.

"There are a great expectation at the moment on the ground, you know from the public, and these things have to managed in a very prudent way," he said.

"This is really the challenge and the art of the Commission, and I can't promise, but I'm optimistic that the Commission can do something differently on the ground."


Image added by ETLJB: The Catholic Church in the Dili suburb of Motael.

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