21 February 2010

Who is behind the ninjas? Are isolated cases? There is much doubt.

We have to be concerned about the practices used by PD party led by Lasama and its militants who were the main conspirators in the coup and the crisis of 2006 and also in the execution of Alfredo Reinado. Now came with this statement, he knows that AMP had always manipulated the Court. Will it not be ridiculous? "The parliamentary President Fernando" Lasama "Araujo has called for the court to uncover the brains behind the attempted assassination of President Jose Ramos Horta and the attack on Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão which took place on February 11th, 2008".

"I am calling for the court to uncover the mastermind of the assassination attempt on February 11, 2008," Mr. Lasama said.

PD were agitators of violence in the area of Bobonaro, Maliana, Atabai, Ermera and Dili where many of its militants are affiliated to the known martial arts PSHT (PersaudaraanSetia Hati Terate) also known as Nehek Metan (Black Ants).In Dili two big Western gangs, Sintu Kulao from Becora and the Gaya Anak Sadar (GAS) group from Manleuana have engaged two big eastern gangs, Lito Rambo and Lafaek in Becora and Comoro respectively.There are other smaller ethnically based gangs too, but these appeared to be the two main initial flashpoints, although the conflict is now simmering almost allover Dili.

These Groupshad supported Xanana, Horta and Lasama in 2006.

PSHT are one of the biggest and most controversial groups, and are alleged to have been closely linked to the current violence. PSHT originated in Indonesia, with a number of international branches, but PSHT in East Timor say they are independent of the Indonesian branch, and their leader, Jaime Xavier Lopes, is Timorese.

Although not formally affiliated like KORKA, they are widely perceived to be close to the two chief opposition parties  Democratic Party (PD)and Social Democratic Party (PSD), although PSHT themselves deny any links to any political parties.

They have been accused of fomenting problems even in Indonesian times, and one witness said members use the organization to settle family and communal disputes.

Another eyewitness report described an attack by PSHT members in the recent crisis on Bebonuk/Comoro, and other attacks in Perumnas and Hudi Laran, resulting in widespread destruction of Easterners homes. They are said to have heavily infiltrated the security forces, and to have received weaponsfrom the police and army.

One ex member said that when they joined PSHT they were given a brochure setting out their principles on non-violence and mutual cooperation, but that the trainer then explained to new recruits that their enemies were Korka, Kung Fu Master, Kera Sakti, Taekwondo, and that PSHT must be stronger than them. As with the other martial arts groups though, PSHT members claim their group is given a bad reputation by the actions of a minority abusing the club’s name.

Many of these elements PSHT are also elements of the MUNJorganization composed of men of absolute confidence of Xanana, were strategically linked to the Cabinet of President Ramos-Horta (Augusto JúniorTrindade) and the group of Alfredo Reinado and Gastão Salsinha (Câncio Pereira, Lucas Soares and others).

Xananarequested them as part of the security of Xanana and members of the Government and continue to be financed since the crisis of 2006 by the State Secretary for Youth and Sport under Miguel Manetelu.

PD party has political and finance support from outside and foreigners guest within the party helping in their preparation. The guidance of Youth Parliament is a case to consider under PD party.

The visit of Lasama with his party delegation in the areas of ninja’s activities show us which the intentions and its links to PSHT and pro-autonomist from the border.

PSD has accused the CPD-RDTL (Council for the Defense of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste) that is behind of violence in Kovalina. Blaming for CPD-RDTL what I know there is a hysterical fight of PD associated martial art PSHT in control of the area because other martial groups as KORBA linked to resistance movement.

According to the USAID 2004 Conflict Vulnerability Assessment, this is the best organized and structured of the various disaffected groups, and has shown the ability to communicate its message effectively through the media. The CPD-RDTL was formed in 1999 to promote the view that East Timor has been independent since the original proclamation of independence by FRETILIN in 1975, and accordingly, the country should adopt the substance and symbols of independence from that time (i.e., the Constitution, name of the Republic, flag, and national anthem). The group rejected the legitimacy of UNTAET, boycotted the Constituent Assembly elections,rejects the legitimacy of the T-l Government, refuses to register as a political party and claims itself to be the real ’FRETILIN’. 15 CPD-RDTL has emerged from a group of people who split off from the main Timorese resistance movement in the 1980 's as a result of conflict related to the restructuring of the
 movement at that time. Since this time, CPD-RDTL’s relations with FRETILIN (and formerly with CNRT) have been marked by conflict and violence.

 Timorese led operation including armed forceshas a support of the Government and Parliamentinsupporting the national police to huntdown local ninja gangs and reducing the amount of crime in the areaandmaintaining security and stability of the country.

In the article East Timor law & Justice Bulletin blog said:

 Illegal, unconstitutional and anti- democratic the role of armed forces to combat crime inKovalina.Timor Armed Forces Chief Taur Matan Ruak: Fails to comprehend the constitutional role of the armed forces in East Timor.
What are the arguments to say that the armed forces action is illegal unconstitutional and anti- democratic?

Is it illegal and unconstitutional Australian forces intervention in East Timor and Solomon Islands to stop violence and crime?

For the situation in East Timor is important the armed forces to take part in support the police forces to put an end to the crime in the area affected by ninjas. They had also a joint operation before against the group led by Alfredo and Salsinha.  It is absurd to say that is illegal and unconstitutional. East Timorese Government have to decide how to face the ninjas in the country, we cannot expect of others who can do for us. [ETLJB Note: But see for example 2008 ETLJ 2 Joint Command for PNTL and F-FDTL Undermines Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste (Draft) Bu V. E. Wilson B Sc Env Sci (Hons) LLM 19 February 2008]

The leaders of the armed force of East Timor were guerrillas in the past and had dual function military and political. The forces are fully familiar with the specific situation on the ground and dealing with people and the martial groups throughout the East Timor. These groups are formed from the resistance struggle it was a strategy of diversifying the armed struggle within the clandestine movement. In contrast to Indonesia had also created a few groups as well as the PSHT pro Indonesia now leaning to PD and PSD parties.

Major GeneralTaur Matan Ruak  the national hero gave life to the cause of East Timor he does not need any lesson from us by the fact no Military Academy qualifications but a harsh experience of armed struggle against the powerful army of Southwest Asia Indonesia in which it had the support of neighboring countries in the political and military arena doing everything for East Timor integration into Indonesia.

 The head of Timorese forces, general said, "I never accept international presence, because I fought 24 years, relying solely on my own forces", "foreign forces are here because they were called by the State of East Timor and there will be a day that will exit when they feel that are no longer useful". "At any time can take off, leaving. Should have left, but can be later, there is no problem ".

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