26 February 2010

Timor Human Rights groups says National Police are like "Rambo"

National Police is like Rambo: HAK Foundation Diario Nacional, February 25, 2010 language source: Tetun - The Director for respected East Timorese civil society law and justice organisation, HAK Foundation, Rui Viana, has said that the National Police is now like Rambo because they wear the red beret reminiscent of the red beret used by semi-military.

Mr. Viana made the comments during an interview at the HAK Foundation office in the central Dili suburb of Palapaso.

Mr. Viana emphasised the recent involvement of the police in the acts of violence which seem to be caused by several factors such as culture, environment and training that has impacted on the police's capacity to comprehend the legitimate policing concept.

He added that cultural violence from generation to generation has also caused people to engage in act of violence.

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