15 February 2010

Timor-Leste Independent Anti-Corruption Commission under way

The Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers and Official Spokesperson for the Government of Timor-Leste Agio Pereira February 10, 2010 Dili, Timor-Leste - Independent Anti-Corruption Commission under way

With the confirmation by National Parliament last week of Mr. Adérito de Jesus as the first
Anti-Corruption Commissioner, the vision of a strong and independent Anti-Corruption
Commission in Timor-Leste has come to fruition after two years.

Building this reality commenced immediately after the Xanana Gusmão Government’s
mandate began in August 2007 with plans to strengthen the democracy of Timor-Leste;
embarking on a program of administrative reforms to include the creation of an
independent institution to keep Government and Civil Service accountable.

A national consultation with civil society followed in July 2008 to allow dialogue on the best
way forward to fight corruption, with the model of an independent Anti-Corruption
Commission adopted after much consultation.
A legal framework for the commission was drafted in the later part of 2008 and early 2009.
On 29th of June 2009, Timor-Leste marked a milestone with National Parliament
supporting the laws allowing the establishment of the Anti Corruption Commission.
Under these laws, Timor-Leste’s Anti-Corruption Commission has a broad mandate to fight
corruption. The ACC has the power to instigate and pursue criminal investigations into
corruption offences as set out in the criminal code. The ACC also has a role of education and
public outreach; identifying and promoting measures that lead to the prevention of

By law, the Commission is an independent body reporting only to Parliament and totally
independent from Executive Government. It will be a matter for the new Commissioner,
Mr. Adérito de Jesus, to determine its priorities, organizational structure and strategy,
within the laws establishing the Commission.

In the 2010 Budget there has been a provision of $1,045,000 allocated that includes
funding for 38 staff. The Xanana Gusmão Government will continue to ensure that the ACC
receives sufficient funding so it can continue to effectively and efficiently undertake its role.
The Timor-Leste’s first Anti-Corruption Commission has been allocated a central location;
the former Red Cross building in Díli, between the Mandiri and BNU banks. Mr. Adérito de
Jesus is now able to appoint up to three deputy commissioners.

Secretary of State Ágio Pereira said “The establishment of the ACC is an initiative that
demonstrates the Xanana Gusmão Government’s commitment to ethical, accountable and
transparent Government.’

‘We are proud that in the years to come the legacy of our resolve will serve future
generations, as the Anti-Corruption Commission continues to promote the ethical service of
our Nation’s People. It should also be remembered that the ACC is part of the establishment
of overall good governance initiatives including the establishment of the independent Civil
Service Commission, increased powers to the Office of the Inspector General to enable it to
act as an independent auditor, the adoption of Public Financial Management technology to
allow public scrutiny of Government Finances and further conformity to the EITA protocol
ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of the petroleum sector.”
Timor-Leste’s first Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Mr. Adérito de Jesus, is due to be sworn
into office by the National Parliament on Tuesday the 16th of February. ENDS

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