06 September 2009

East Timor President appeal to Forget the Past Behind


East Timor President appeal to Forget the Past Behind

On August 30th 1999 Timorese people went to the UN referendum polling stations all over the country to vote for their freedom from the 24 years of Indonesian military brutal occupations.

Some people estimated almost 200,000 Timorese were lost their lives during the independence struggle. Today its mark 10th anniversary on the referendum. The Timorese people are split in the issue of Justice. Some claims East Timor need a provper process to address the issue. Some other still demanding for the International Tribunal but the Timorese leaderships argued that the Timorese has starting forget the and accepting the Indonesian.

During this year ceremony were presence the Indonesian Foreign Minister Hasan Wirajudha, Australian Governor General, Ian Martin, former head of UNAMET whom represent UN Secretary General which may make Mr. Khare not feel good, former commander for Interfet Mr. Peter Cosgrove, The former Portugese President and UN Human Right commissioner. The Timorese President Jose Ramos Horta in his speech asked Indonesian to return the remain of Mr. Nicolao Lobato the East Timorese hero who was killed by Indonesian troops in 1979. Jose Ramos Horta also awarded medal for more then 50 people including East Timor Army force Commander, Ian Martin, Peter Cosgrove, Indonesian Human Rights Activists for East Timor independence, Former Portuguese Foreign Minister, The Ambulance driver who Saved President life on 11 february 2008, Mama Carmel, Jim Dunn, Max Stahl and local East Timorese Journalist Jose Belo.

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