01 September 2009

UNMIT statement on the release of Martenus Bere

1st September 2009, Dili - The United Nations’ general position -- and as repeatedly stated by the Secretary General -- is that there must be no impunity for serious crimes such as crimes against humanity. Accountability is an essential foundation to consolidating the rule of law and protecting human rights – it goes hand in hand with building lasting peace and prosperity. Concrete steps need to be taken to ensure full accountability, to end impunity and to provide reparations to victims in accordance with international human rights standards and principles.

UNMIT is not in a position to comment on the specific circumstances in relation to the case of Martenus Bere, since UNMIT does not have responsibility over the prisons in Timor-Leste nor does it have at this stage sufficient information on his status.

Advocating for an international criminal tribunal for crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste.

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Unknown said...

The UNMIT statement on the release of Martenus Bere,is criminal the interncional low is not corek,but the people from Timor-Leste the want Justice,Amen