04 September 2009

West Papua Statement on the Arrest of Young Timorese Students

Komite Nasional Papua Barat [KNPB]
West Papua National Committee

To: Ex. Dr. Longuinos Monteiro,
General Commander of the Timor-Leste National Police

Dear Mr,

Firstly, we as your brothers and sisters very glad to heard and saw the celebration of your winning on referendum 30 August 2009. We say congratulation of your celebration of independence day.

As your brothers and sisters, we would like to state on he half of people of West Papua that we give deepest concern on three University Students who were arrested at the press conference in front of the Hotel Timor on 30 August 2009. We call for the immediate release because what
were done by them to express their solidarity with West Papua facing violence and repression including the right of self-determination is legally protected by the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

We want to let you know that what is happening with your brothers and sisters in West Papua is close with past tragedy of Timor Leste. We need you and others solidarity to solve our suffering free from Indonesia occupation as you ever need at the past.

We inform you that here in Jayapura, West Papua our brother Serafin Dias, an Young Timorese activists jailed by Indonesia security forces on his solidarity with West Papua people demand referendum through peace rally some month ago. It is the time for you to stand up for us as your
brothers and sisters. We call you to give pressure on the release of our brother Serafin Dias.

Thank you for your attention and may Melanesian God bless you.

Your sincerely,

Victor F. Yeimo

West Papua National Committee is West Papua organization movement which is fighting together with mass of West Papua demand the right of self determination.

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